our chronicle

Back in the days

How it started.

ADF Snacks is a leading European food products manufacturing and trading company, headquartered locates in Nieuwveen city – Netherlands. its production career started about 22 years ago, from the Middle Eastern, African to finally the European markets, and is proud of its good reputation in the local and regional circles.

Specialized in manufacturing the best natural chips products (potatoes and corn), packaged according to the latest European technologies. It relies on continuous scientific research to constantly develop and include new varieties to ADF Snacks products assortment.

Our brands.

It is manufactured in laboratories equipped with the latest technological industrial equipment, and produces about 20 varieties of chips under a number of brands, including Chipster, Ranchito, Rosin and others. Our top priority is to choose the best raw materials with healthy specifications that match the highest quality standards and with European flavors.

Our business family includes a professional team of academics and technicians of various nationalities working with passion to achieve maximum success. Our company supplies stores, food depots, supermarkets, and major commercial centers with its products, and distributes to all cities of the European Union countries, and most countries around the world.

Our Mission.

We aim to meet the increasing demand and the needs of the European and regional markets for clean label ingredients products by providing potato and corn (chips) products, and offering different types with distinctive flavors, with interest in using equipment that uses clean energy to reduce carbon emissions and air pollutants so to contribute to reducing environmental impacts.

Our Vision.

Supporting snack food sector with clean label ingredients products with new flavors within the European and international standards. According to a report published by Mordor Intelligence 2019. Europeans prefer snacks with additional health benefits. Therefore, our company provides more healthy options for snacks, specifically chips prepared from potatoes and natural corn, free of harmful oils and artificial materials.

ADF Snacks is committed to providing food products with healthy flavors that meet the large demand for natural food flavors derived from spices and herbs, and to meet the growing demand in Europe, which is estimated at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2% during the forecast period 2020-2025.