corn chips

Our Assortment

Rosen corn chips come in 7 delicious flavours. Select your flavour for more information.

Rosen Puffcorn - Cheese Flavored


Rosen corn chips with cheese flavor.

Rosen Puffcorn - Chili and Lemon Flavored_

Chili & Lemon

Rosen corn chips with chili and lemon flavor.

Rosen Puffcorn - Ketchup Flavored


Rosen corn chips with ketchup flavor.

Rosen Puffcorn - Sweet Chili Papper Flavored

Chili Papper

Rosen corn chips with sweet chili flavor.

Rosen Puffcorn - Sweet Corn Flavored

Sweet Corn

Rosen corn chips with sweet corn flavor.

Rosen Puffcorn - Thyme Flavored


Rosen corn chips with thyme flavor.

Rosen Puffcorn- Peanuts Flavored


Rosen corn chips with peanuts flavor.

corn chips

More Corn chips

Ranchito corn chips in natural or cheese flavour. Select yours for more information.

Ranchito Puffcorn- Corn Flavored


Ranchito corn chips in natural flavor.

Ranchito Puffcorn - Cheese Flavored


Ranchito corn chips with cheese flavor.

The best potato chips start with the finest potato.

Papas… batata, or the Spanish potato is what we chose to use in our potato chips recipe.

Well ripe yellow potato has been harvested in Spain’s fields, where it was generously watered from pour and fresh water, then harvested and trucked carefully to be the main ingredient in our delicious chip’s recipe.

It is all fresh, no frozen potato,
It is all natural, no chemical or artificial ingredients.

natural potato chips Paprika

Chipster potato chips with paprika flavor.

Natural potato chips Paprika

Derbi potato chips with paprika flavor.

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